EXPANDED for the 45th Annual Pysanka Festival!



Competitions will be held on Saturday, July 7th @ 11:00am

You will see the return of the SOLO & DUET competitions at the 2018 Pysanka Festival! 
And because you've asked... we are expanding the competitions to SMALL GROUPS (3 to 7 dancers), as well!

Deadline for registration has been extended to April 30, 2018!

Further Details and Entry Forms are available here.

Adjudicator - Lana Niland

ADJ_Lana_Niland_IMG_9940I  was brought up on dance in the 1980s, care of Miss Lusia Pavlychenko. Though ballet, tap, and jazz kept me busy for many years, it was the beautiful costumes, movements, and emotion of Ukrainian dance that quickly proved my passion.

Accepted into the Virsky Studio in 2003 as a potential artist, I toiled for ten months, six days a week, working eleven-hour days – building on all that I had been taught in Canada, perfecting that which was becoming second-nature in Ukraine. In June 2004, I received my diploma and a position in the Virsky State Ensemble of Ukraine as a performing artist.

“Work” took us to amazing places like China, Mexico, Georgia, and all throughout Europe, where we danced on some of the oldest, most beautiful, and most prominent stages. Working with one of the world’s most exceptional dance groups empowered me not only as a dancer but as a person, where, to this day, I continue to glean insight from my experiences in the studio and on the stage.

Since 2009, with a short break in between, I have been the Editor-in-Chief and am the current owner of What’s On – Kyiv’s definitive English language culture and entertainment magazine, where, in addition to numerous other events, the EuroMaidan revolution of 2013/2014 is something I experienced at almost every level. I am also editor of Ukrainian Dance World – The Magazine! which is an incredible resource for Ukrainian dancers, teachers, and parents alike! Recognising the need for quality Ukrainian products abroad, I started collaborating with local artisans on costumes, fashion, footwear, music, books, jewellery, and more in 2015, opening the door to another new business with Postmark Ukraine.

Though I never officially left, the last few of years has seen my return to the foray of the official Ukrainian dance world – hosting workshops, creating choreography, and sitting in the adjudicator’s chair across Canada. 

Lana will also be offering dance workshops on Friday July 6th for children aged 8 to 13 years of age.  Contact the Festival Office for further information!