Millenia Band

   Millenia formally came into being in the year 2000 as a young, energetic group of four musicians dedicated to both preserving and advancing Canadian Ukrainian music.  Over the past 19 years, they have performed hundreds of times to thousands of people across North America.  2001 saw the release of their extremely successful debut album, “???????” (Roots).  This album was recorded early in the band’s history and pays homage to their Ukrainian musical influences.  In September of 2006, they released their second album entitled “?????” (Life).  This album was recorded to lead and show the progression of Western Ukrainian music and was the beginning of a bridge between the Modern and the Traditional styles.  The album “??????” (Brotherhood) was successfully released in February 2012 and has been reviewed as “Hitting the mark on every musical level”.  This album showcases the niche style of Millenia with a polished representation of their music.  In 2013 Millenia recorded their first “Live” album, which has been named “One of the greatest Live albums of it’s time!” thus capturing the energy Millenia brings to their performances. Millenia’s last recording was released as an EP (only available on iTunes/Spotify featuring the astonishing group ???????? (Rozhanytsya) from Kiev along with a handfull of new songs that will be showcased on their new album in the near future. The early release of this EP granted Millenia a nomination and win the “2016 People’s Choice Award” for Edmonton Music which was selected through online voting. This prestigious award is a true indication of how strong our Ukrainian Community is and Millenia thanks you for keeping our culture and heritage alive.