For over 55 years Rusalka has been capturing the imagination of audiences around the world, with its often fiery, always colourful presentation of Ukrainian dance. Rusalka has toured over 5 continents, performed for heads of state, world and religious leaders and royalty, which has placed Rusalka among one of the most widely recognized Ukrainian dance groups in the world. The group has also performed locally with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet and at Folklorama. Founded in 1962 by the late Peter Hladun, the group was created from students at the Ukrainian National Federation School of Dance and today is still one of the most accomplished Ukrainian dance ensembles in the world. Rusalka is currently under the artistic direction of Valentyna Dmytrenko.

Rusalka is a dance group that showcases cultural pride, telling stories through the movement of Ukrainian dance. The group has a large repertoire of dances and colourful costumes that represent a diverse range of the Ukraine’s regions, styles and moods, making the shows entertaining for all audiences.

Built on a foundation of discipline, devotion and camaraderie, Rusalka has become an integral part of the Winnipeg Arts Community. Deep within each dancer burns a passion to showcase the power and beauty of Ukrainian dance and they are eager to share with audiences the experience that is, Rusalka!
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