Edmonton’s Viter Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir have become recognized internationally for their energy and innovation. Over the twenty-year history of the group, the direction has evolved from being the senior dance group of the Shumka School of Dance to an independent organization comprising of dancers and choir.

After many years of being a dance group, in 2008 Viter’s performances were further enhanced when a group of singers formed to expand Viter from a dance group to an Ensemble. The result is a group of choristers and musicians who interact with the dancers, creating an entertaining and harmonious blend of storytelling.

Currently under the Artistic Directorship of Tasha Orysiuk, dance instructors Terence Wharton and Stephan Pacholok, and choral director Lesia Pohoreski, Viter continues to attract talented members with diverse training and has taken its place among the major Ukrainian performing groups in Canada. With the addition of the element of song to Viter’s landscape, Tasha works closely with Viter’s Choral Director, Lesia Pohoreski, to create a harmonious blend of storytelling unique to Viter.

Since its inception, Viter has endeavoured to share their productions with appreciative audiences in Edmonton, across Canada, and around the world. The ensemble performed to enthusiastic audiences in Brazil and Argentina and is proud to have returned to Ukraine on 4 separate occasions. In July 2014 the dancers recently undertook an exciting tour of Croatia, Hungary, and Austria, while the choir performed
to enthusiastic audiences at the Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival in September 2014, where they also released their debut CD album.

Today Viter is known as a major performing ensemble in Canada, recognized for infusing the folk art of traditional Ukrainian dance and song with modern themes. We invite you to enjoy the sensory spectacle and cultural splendour that is the Viter Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir!