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In the Beer Gardens
at the Multiplex

We are pleased to offer you a show which includes dancers, musicians, instrumentalists, vocalists, bands and Competitions!

(Schedule subject to change due to any act of nature, tragedy, illness, scheduling conflicts, etc.)


Friday, July 5 - FREE show starts at 12:00 PM

The New-Melody-Kings

Opening Ceremonies at 2:00 PM

AL Horton Ukrainian Bilingual Students

Vegreville Svitlo Dancers   

Marango Pie

 Saturday, July 6 - FREE show starts at 11:00 AM

Chaika Concert Ensemble

Tavria Ukrainian Folk Dance Junior Ensemble

Sonyashnyk Dancers

Lethbridge Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club

Dzherelo Children's Theatre

The Diamonds Band

Samantha Lee Wiltzen

Polish Canadian Dancers

Curtis Michael, Hypnotist

The Polka Ramblers