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In the Beer Gardens
at the Multiplex

We are pleased to offer you a show which includes dancers, musicians, instrumentalists, vocalists, bands and Competitions!

(Schedule subject to change due to any act of nature, tragedy, illness, scheduling conflicts, etc.)


Friday, July 5 - FREE show starts at 12:00 PM

The New-Melody-Kings

Opening Ceremonies at 2:00 PM

AL Horton Ukrainian Bilingual Students

Vegreville Svitlo Dancers   

Marango Pie

 Saturday, July 6 - FREE show starts at 11:00 AM

Chaika Concert Ensemble

Tavria Ukrainian Folk Dance Junior Ensemble

Sonyashnyk Dancers

Lethbridge Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Club

Vegreville Svitlo Dancers

Dzherelo - Children's Ukrainian Drama Group

The Diamonds Band

Samantha Lee Wiltzen

Mazur Polish Canadian Dancers

Curtis Michael, Hypnotist

The Polka Ramblers