There have been four waves of immigration of Ukrainians from Ukraine to Canada: before WWI; between WWI and WWII; post WWII; and post 1991 independence.




Where do you come from?  Where did your family come from?  Which selo did Baba come from?  Which river did Dido swim in?  Were they from Bukovyna or Halychyna or Velyka Ykraina?....Or was it Hutsulshchyna or Poltava?  From where in Ukraine, and when, did your great-grandparents come?  Do you know the village?  Come to the Festival and share your interest and knowledge with us.  If you are doing research on your own family background, we may be able to help you!  


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This is an excellent program of studies and display of Ukrainian concerns and issues, the homeland of Ukraine and Ukrainians in Canada.  You will be pleased with the information available. 

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