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      Trioda is a widely popular Ukrainian band, that were super finalists in the show Ukrainian X-factor.

       The group consists of three members: Andriy Gambal, Volodymyr Rybak and Pavlo Chervinskyi.

The “Trioda” band was created while the trio were studying at Ternopil National Pedagogical University.
The name of the group “Trioda” is made up of two main components, “Tri” meaning trio, and “ode” is translated from Greek into a “song”.
2013 turned out to be one of the most fruitful years in the life of the trio. The band took part in the show Ukrainian X-factor and on casting in Odessa, they performed an Alexander Ponomariov song “He Waits for her” and immediately received an invitation to the training camp. At the Training Camp, they were fast tracked to the direct broadcast, where they went on to the super finals. Their talents took them to the finale. Quite an accomplishment.

      2015 marked the beginning of the tour in the United States. In early January, the band, together with well-known singers Nina Matvienko, brothers Dmitry and Nazariy Yaremchuk and Volodymyr Okilko began a tour which included the cities of Chicago, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, and New Jersey.

     For four months the band participated in concerts in support of the Ukrainian army and victims of the hostilities in Ukraine. In addit ion to the previous noted cities, they also visited Wapeny, Yonkers, Long Island, and Stamford. They also participated in the Ukrainian Festival in Ohio, USA.

    Due to growing popularity, immediately after returning from the tour in America, many concerts were organized in eastern Ukraine, as well as several concerts were held in Western Ukraine. In late 2015, the band organized concerts in the ATO zone, for civilians and defenders of the Ukrainian Army, which is very close to the war zone.

     In 2017 Trioda with Volodymyr Olensky a well-known guitar player, were on a concert tour of Spain which included Valencia, Barcelona, and Gisson. The band also sang in Rome, at a meeting of Ukrainian youth from all across Italy.

      On May 19th Trioda again with Volodymyr Olensky played at the World Embroidered Day in the Czech Republic in Prague.

     2019, started off right with the hugely popular Christmas project “On Christmas Day”! held in Ternopil, because the Trioda trio themselves are from the Ternopil region. The exclusively Christmas program included Christmas carols, Shedrivki and New Year’s songs, and was done live!
This is Trioda’s first time in Canada and we are excited and honoured to be able to not only show case this amazing young group as they sing in Ukrainian and English but also show them how Ukrainian culture is alive and well in Canada. We hope you join us in one of the many performances while they are in Canada including several in Vegreville Pysanka Festival, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Calgary and Edmonton. Don’t miss out on what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear and meet some of the top Ukrainian performers from across the world.