Yaroslav Tkachuk



Yaroslav Tkachuk was born in Zaporizhia, Ukraine in 1992. He began attending the Kyiv Municipal Ukrainian Academy of Dance in 2007 and immediately joined the world-renowned National Opera of Ukraine upon graduation four years later.

As a member of the National Opera, Yaroslav has portrayed a variety of physically demanding roles in numerous productions around the world. From the gladiator Spartacus to Prince Charming in Cinderella, he effortlessly blends Ukrainian folk dance with classical performance and unquestionably stands amongst the world’s top dancers.

In 2013 Yaroslav was nominated for the top prize in the international competition of “Thought – Flow,” and in 2016 he secured first place while competing on the world stage at the Tallinn International Ballet Competition in Estonia. In Canada, Yaroslav has performed the male lead role of the Prince in Shumka’s Nutcracker since 2015.