Zabava u Koli

Performing:  ZABAVA  -and-  GRANDSTAND


Zabava U Koli is a band based in Edmonton that specializes in Ukrainian music and promoting a traditional Ukrainian cultural experience with a modern twist. The band has existed since 2014 and is comprised of Adrian Zmewsky on bass, Matt Horbay on guitar, Mykola Bilash on vocals and violin, Mykola Nykyforuk on accordion, Oleksandr Lazurko on vocals and percussion and Zac Gabriel on drums. We have a strong passion for Ukrainian music and play it to the best of our abilities.

The band has a wealth of experience playing weddings, Zabavas (Ukrainian Dance Parties), Malankas (Celebration of the New Year), birthdays and Ukrainian Festivals, such as the Babas and Borsch Ukrainian Festival in Lamont, AB, The Vegreville Pysanka Festival, Ukrainian Day at the Ukrainian Village, U-Fest in Edmonton, and the Canadian National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba).

Zabava U Koli exists not only to provide entertaining dance music for festivals and parties, but also to promote Ukrainian culture in the Edmonton Arts scene. Zabava U Koli started by playing at smaller events as musical guests around the Edmonton area, and has now expanded to playing festivals and parties all over Canada All members of the band (except for Zac) share a Ukrainian heritage, ranging from birth in Ukraine to 6th Generation in Canada, and are immersed in the Alberta Ukrainian community. Their involvement ranges from active membership in the Plast Ukrainian Youth Association (a Ukrainian scouting organization), various Ukrainian choirs and Ukrainian Church groups; all members of Zabava U Koli promote the continuation of over a century of Ukrainian culture in Canada.

Zabava U Koli has collaborated on the festival stage with other prominent Ukrainian bands
• Euphoria
• Millennia
• Steppe
• UB
• Zapovid