Volya, meaning ‘freedom’ encompasses the unified spirit of the over 30 ensemble members.
With many of Volya’s original members having studied in Ukraine, a desire existed to develop a similar academic style of dance within Canada. Zhenia Bahri, a professional dancer and director from Ukraine, has been the Artistic Director for 20 years and has brought unsurpassed passion, knowledge, and expertise to the Ensemble in his
lifelong dedication to the art of Ukrainian dance. Under Zhenia’s instruction, Volya has flourished into a vibrant ensemble consisting of dedicated members who have captivated and delighted audiences with their dynamic performances around the world. Volya has entertained audiences at festivals in Brazil, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, France, England, and many other countries.
Over the years many dancers have entered Volya's studios with the same goal in mind, to dance for the love of dance and to establish an identity for the ensemble that is uniquely, Volya!
Volya would like to congratulate Vegreville on their 48th Annual Pysanka Festival. Virtual or not Volya loves to celebrate and dance for the Vegreville’s audience every chance we get!
Гуцульcька мозаїка | Hutzul Mosaic A colourful blend of movement and energy characterizes this high-‐spirited dance about life in the Carpathian Mountains. (6 min)
Ужанський танець | "Uzhanskyi Tanets" - Transcarpathian Dance. The skirts of the young maidens billow and spin to the beat of spirited steps of the men, in this lively dance. This choreography derives from folk dances from the unique mountainous region of  "Transcarpathia" nestled in the very west of Ukraine and bordering Romania, Hungary and
Slovakia. "Uzhanskiy" refers to the river "Uzh" which flows through the region. (4 min)
Гопак | Hopak
The national dance of Ukraine needs no introduction. Prepare yourself for Volya’s legendary
passion, superior solos and graceful finesse that build into the climax of an unforgettable
performance. Experience the Freedom! Experience Volya! (8 min)
Box 52151, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2T5
Phone: 780-860-2925 Website: www.volya.ca E-mail: [email protected]