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Petrykivka Ukraine National Decorative Folk Flowers Art Illustration _edited.jpg
Leleka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble 



I want to introduce the Leleka Ukrainian dance ensemble. The name Leleka translates from Ukrainian as a Stork. It opened around 15 years ago and is based in Saskatoon. Students ages 2 to 72 fill the classes at this school. Leleka is known for its unique and well-recognized style. The artistic director of Leleka Dance School, Valentyna Matyushenko, was born, grew, and obtained her dance knowledge in Ukraine. She cares to share the story of Ukraine with the audience and touch their emotion through the choreography. Dancers are learning and sharing Ukrainian culture through their performances. We have choreographies about Lalka Motanka, Pysanka, and Vyshyvanka, each of which tells a unique story about Ukrainian culture and history. We took the challenge up and created and staged the first act of the folk ballet Forest Song written by famous Ukrainian female writer Lesya Ukrainka. Many Leleka students are growing up and continue to live with a love of dance, sharing it as instructors or continuing to dance.
In this horrific time of Russian invasion, when the Ukrainian people are fighting for their freedom, culture, song, land, and Life, we stand with Ukraine. We share and grow our love for this country through our art of dance.
Leleka dances are rooted in tradition, and wings are in creativity. The love of Ukrainian culture is embroidered on Leleka's wings.



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