Rick Wowk
CFCW & Vegreville Cultural Association 
Ukrainian Music Hall of Honour Inductee

Opening Ceremony - Friday July 1, 2022 @ 2:00 PM
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Rick Wowk was 5 years old when he realized his passion for music, especially Ukrainian music. As a child, he was drawn toward the bands that played at functions the family had attended, but his dream to become a musician, came from his greatest supporters, his parents, Angela and Bill Wowk. Determined to make a musician out of Rick, his dad encouraged him to sing in the back seat of their ’58 Oldsmobile as they travelled. However, this passion of his required more nourishment. He stretched the accordion and picked up the guitar, but at 11 years of age he discovered that the saxophone was the instrument for him. Although money was tight, his dad bought him his first sax from the late Emil Sadownyk, which is now proudly displayed in Rick’s home. Other musicians have influenced Rick as well, but Paul Kostiw, his idol and mentor, had a style of playing that Rick strives for. With Paul’s expertise and guidance, they chose the sax that he still performs with today.
Rick made his musical debut playing with the Majestic Sounds Orchestra, but in the spring of 1983, he, along with his brothers Terry (accordion) and Zane (drums) formed the band we know as The Playboys. A few band members have come and gone over the past 39 years, however, two of the originals remain: Rick Chomyn, the band’s lead guitarist and playing the saxophone, guitar and providing the vocals, this year’s Ukrainian Music Hall of Honour inductee, Rick Wowk.
Congratulations Rick on this very deserving award. Thank you for sharing your talent and your love of music with us. And, as your dad would say, ‘Play boys, play!’.