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Brandon Hachkowski & Zenon Horobec
Showcase Stage
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Jam Sessions with Brandon

Jam Session Tent 

Drop In / Stop In 

All Weekend! (July 5-6-7, 2024)

Kick up your heels and dance the polka to a full weekend's worth of good old time western Canadian Ukrainian music with Brandon Hachkowski underneath the Ukrainian jam session tent located near the pioneer village.


Bring your instruments and share your Ukrainian musical talents!

Brandon Hachkowski 

Brandon Hachkowski was born in St. Catherines Ontario and raised throughout the Niagara region. Since he was knee-high, Brandon always had the liking to Western Canadian Ukrainian music and developed the passion after watching his father play on Tysmbaly and fiddle.


To  encourage Brandon's interest in music, Brandon's parents  started Brandon on fiddle. After a year of taking fiddle lessons, Brandon's interest switched from the fiddle and grew towards the Accordion and Tsymbaly. Throughout the next couple years, Brandon continued to play Accordion and Tsymbaly and he always played along side Ukrainian Records to learn new songs.


In 2017 at the age of 12, Brandon and his family took a trip to Winnipeg Manitoba to attend a Zabava dance by the Ukrainian old-timers band. The accordion player of the band Nestor Shydlowsky was Brandon 's Idol on accordion. Brandon adored Nestor's Style. During the zabava Nestor invited Brandon to do a couple tunes on stage with the accordion. This inspired Brandon's passion to playing further and excelled his love of Ukrainian music.


In January of 2022 Brandon and his family took a trip to Edmonton Alberta and that's when they met Dwayne and Irene Pankiw. After one impromptu jam session on this trip it was like they were family. This is when the Hachkowski family fell in Love with Alberta and decided to move there in August of 2022.


Brandon is now taking his music hobby to the next step and is now playing gigs in Vegreville and the surrounding area. Brandon was also able to aquire Nestor Shydlowsky's Accordion after he passed in 2020. Brandon cherishes that deeply.


Brandon quotes. "It is my job to promote and preserve the Western Canadian Ukrainian music for generations to come just like Nestor did." Brandon's passion for Western Canadian Ukrainian music comes from his blood and that will never stop.

Zenon Horobec

Zenon Horobec from Vita Manitoba Zenon is 18 years old. 


First started playing the fiddle at the age of 9 after going to hear the Winnipeg  Symphony as a young child.  He has studied and played with many fiddle masters and brings those influences to his music.


Zenon is best known to play a mean fiddle, fast and edgy.  When he plays the Orange Blossom Special he removes his shoes, tapping his feet without missing a beat !  He is motivated by seeing people up on the dance floor busting some moves as he calls it !  He is  proud to be part of the band Ukie Fusion.


He strives to preserve the music of our Ukrainian musical greats of the past so they can live on in the hearts of people today.


When he is not playing on stage he studies Engineering at the University of Manitoba.   

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