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A well-oiled group of musicians whose love for Ukrainian music is evident in every performance.

Their years of experience playing with various groups like Tyt i Tam, UB, and Zhyto is unmistakable, and is the foundation of their dynamic and engaging live show. Bringing together their love of many genres, Mashyna fuses them together with the sounds of their ancestry to create this new progressive style of Ukrainian Power Polka.

Look for Mashyna’s upcoming debut album, slated to be release later this year on all streaming platforms. Stay up to date with Mashyna on Instagram and Facebook: @mashynaband.

Mashyna is:

Arko Ferdycz on drums

Matt Gruza on accordion and guitar

Toma Lebedovich on bass and vocals

John Dickinson on Guitar and vocals

Mark Klopoushak on guitar, violin and vocals

Saturday, July 2
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