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Muzyka Dancers (Peace River)
Samantha Monette & Samantha Popielarz
Cultural Showcase
Saturday July 2

Samantha Monette and Samantha Popielarz are members of the Peace River Muzyka Dancers. 
Samantha Popielarz started dance at age 3 with the Peace River Muzyka Dancers. She fell in love with Ukrainian dance and is currently dancing in her twelfth season. She enjoys dancing from all regions from Ukraine. Samantha hopes to one day be a Ukrainian dance instructor. When not busy with dancing and junior instructing Samantha enjoys swimming and coaching swimming. 
Samantha Monette joined the Peace River Muzyka Dancers in 2009 at the age of four, and has enjoyed dancing ever since. Her favorite region to dance is Volyn. In her spare time Samantha can be found playing with her dogs, swimming, playing her guitar & ukuleles, she can also be found lifeguarding at the local pool in Peace River.
This past season they have enjoyed learning a dance from the Kuban region as part of the enrichment group of the club. Both of these young ladies enjoy dancing and take any chance they get to perform.

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