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Nadiya Pashkovska
Pashkovska Nadiya

In the picture perfect Village of Orelets in the Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine), a young talented girl was born - Nadiya Pashkovska.


She grew up in a singing family where Ukrainian songs were always heard. Her father, Volodymyr instilled a love for music in her. On his initiative, the family ensemble "Barvotsvit" was created, in which three daughters - Khrystyna, Maria, and Nadia - sang, along with their mother Svitlana. They performed their songs on stage in their native village, as well as at regional concerts and competitions. They even visited Poland and Romania to perform. Sisters Maria and Khrystyna, together with their father, participated in the 36th "Pysanka" festival in Vegreville, which left wonderful memories and unforgettable impressions.


Nadiya also dreamed of visiting distant lands, presenting Ukrainian songs, and playing the bandura - a truly Ukrainian musical instrument that is a national treasure of the Ukrainian people - for the diaspora. She always watched the bandura being played with delight. When she touched the strings of the bandura for the first time, she realized that this was the instrument she wanted to play.

She started studying at a children's music school in the city of Snyatin and is currently studying the bandura at the Sydir Vorobkevich College of Arts in Chernivtsi. She was a member of the ensemble of bandurists "Silver Peredvin" and took part in various All-Ukrainian and International music competitions such as "Talents of the 21st Century," "Alley of Stars," and "Art Freedom," among others.


She enjoys playing lyrical works that convey the beautiful nature of Ukraine, including the Carpathian Mountains and the Hutsul region.

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