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2024 HOBA MPIA - NOVA MRIA -full_edited.

We are a Ukrainian Dance Band based out of Saskatoon SK.  We play classic Ukrainian dance hits and classic English dance hits to get the the crowd going with our love of Ukrainian Music and our culture! We play everything from festivals and events to private functions like weddings, anniversaries to parties! 


Our story began with a love for the Band MPIA from the 80s and 90s. Mo our drummer being a founding member of that band played with Taras Hrabowy who played accordion. He is Ruslan and Romans Uncle. We decided during the pandemic to get together and just play some music as it has been a large part of our life. We kept at it and picked up Mike our guitar player and now we are HOBA MPIA. A new Dream! 


We have a passion for playing the classic Ukrainian Dance hits with our Polkas, Waltzes and Rhumbas that we all grew up with from our past!  


Mo has been playing the Drums for over 60 years starting when he was just 4 years old back in Montreal. He has started many bands as the  lead drum and vocalist and when he moved out west he was a founding member of the band MPIA.  Mo has played all across Canada as well as internationally in Europe. This is especially special for him to be back at the festival as he played here with the band MPIA over 40 years ago and now with a new band he gets to do it again!


Roman grew up playing piano and accordion and took to love the guitar in the year 2000. He was highly influenced by Don Derkewych who played with Mo in the Original MPIA. Roman fell in love with his sound and his style and attributes much of what he has learned to Dons credit. He soon expanded and picked up a bass guitar and has focused that as his main instrument along with still enjoying the accordion and keyboards and guitar at times. 

His Brother Ruslan originally a Drummer who followed Mo throughout his time with the Original MPIA soon was given the nickname “Mini Mo” from the band as he could replicate and play just like his drumming idol Mo. Russ took up the accordion and keyboards in 2019. Self taught mainly with some help from his brother and uncle he has been playing the new instruments for just 4 years. 


Mike started playing the Guitar at a young age. He has played in many Rock bands as a lead guitar however when he joined HOBA MPIA he had never heard or played any kind of Ukrainian Music such as Polkas and Waltzes. Mike is not Ukrainian however he has learned to love and embrace the culture and the music and of course the food and enjoys playing as the music he gets to play with the band gives him lots of diversity and creativity. 


Collectively we are 4 guys who above all else just enjoy playing. Whether it is at a Malanka, Wedding, Anniversary, a large music festival or just an evening in the practice basement we love the music and love to play. We love the culture. We love our history and our roots that blessed us with this gift to share with the world! 


Drums/Vocals - Mo Kowal

Lead Guitar - Mike Giesbrect 

Bass/ Vocals - Roman Hrabowy

Accordion - Ruslan Hrabowy

Grandstand and Zabava
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