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The Ukrainian choir PEREVESLO

The choir was created by Kateryna Sakson and a group of same minded people right at the beginning of unfortunate events in Ukraine. 

The idea of bringing Ukrainian culture into Canadian society and popularizing Ukrainian songs during charity concerts was in the minds of choir members and all organizers. 

From the beginning, the choir is actively involved in social events and helping to raise awareness to cruelty of the war and needs of the people who flee the homeland and trying to establish a new life in Canada.

The choir created a scale project "Stefaniia". The project is the result of the big inspirational movement in the community in March-May 2-2, when Ukraine won a Grand prize of the Eurovizion music festival. The visual part of the project is in Youtube. 


Kateryna and the team of creators brought a variety of professional and nationalities, people of different paths of life together to make this impactful project . The project was videotaped  in a beautiful backyard on one of the Calgarian residences.  The videographers, dancers, musicians and members of the community gathered together to create this scale project.

"Pereveslo '' also became an active participant in Calgary Carole festival. Trying to bring this native Ukrainian tradition to a lot of Calgariens during Christmas.

Throughout its short history "Pereveslo" became a community, a family for people who became displaced and mourned the loss of their community, the centre of cultural gatherings that carefully preserves national traditions and rituals.

The choir members call themselves " Perevesliany" - in Ukrainian translation it means-"those who belongs to "Pereveslo'',  the feeling of belonging, love, that helps to survive in new place, feeling of family and homeland so far from home - that what this choir is to its members!

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