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The Playboys
Friday, July 1

In the spring of '83, April to be exact, three brothers, Terry, Rick and Zane Wowk formed a band which they called The Playboys.  A friend, Doug Svitich, joined them playing rhythm guitar and Rick Chomyn was a welcome addition as the lead guitarist. Darcy Manko later replaced Doug and played with The ‘Boys for about 7 years.

They entertained crowds throughout Alberta at weddings and dances, playing a variety of genres of music. Their specialty Ukrainian, old rock ‘n roll and country, averaging 56 bookings a year while maintaining their full-time jobs. They were often heard on R.J. Thompkins’ Zabava program on CFCW for many years.


As time went on, changes occurred within the band, adding in the versatile flavors of fiddle, vocals, guitar and bass guitar of Cory Pawluk. Years past and a young musician, by the name of Jerry Boychuk, with incredible talent, playing bass guitar and vocals, joined the group for 9 years. This drove the band to the peak of their musical career. Other members have come and gone as fill-ins or only for a short time. And...after 39 years, the 2 Rick’s, Wowk and Chomyn, are the remaining originals who continue to entertain you with great Ukrainian tunes!


And today, the band consists of:

Rick Wowk (sax, guitar and vocals),

Rick Chomyn (lead guitar),

Joe Stazsko (fiddle, guitar and vocals),

Grant Starchuk (bass guitar and vocals),

Vinney Skublany (drums) 

Will Kaminsky (accordion).


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