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AUDA exists to ensure that students of dance, artists, and citizens who believe Canada’s rich heritage of Ukrainian dance and music are enabled to have a distinctive voice in shaping Alberta’s cultural legacy. It is an AUDA voice that is innovative, engages broad-based community involvement, and is respectful of the diversity of dance in Alberta. Please consider becoming a member of this umbrella organization and visit their website for more information including ensemble audition dates, festival and competition dates, resources for videos and music, grant opportunities and much more! 

This year AUDA has funded the creation of twenty new music pieces and they are happy to share that they have awarded ten young dancers scholarships to summer camps. Should you as an artist be interested in creating new music or if you are a family interested in dance camps for next summer, please visit their website.

This Unity Volyn dance that you're about to watch was choreographed by Odessa Bahri from Edmonton Alberta and is called just that because the dancers are from all around the province including Lamont, Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Myrnam, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Red Deer and Grande Prairie. Learning this dance in only two rehearsals, they are very excited to showcase for you their talents!


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