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Folk Arts

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Open Hours  

(subject to change)

FRIDAY, July 5:  12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

SATURDAY, July 6: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

SUNDAY, July 7: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Folk Arts segment of the Pysanka Festival at the Exhibit Hall Building would like to thank all the many volunteers, Workshop providers, Demonstrators and Presenters; along with the Basillian Fathers’ Museum, Kule Folklore Center and the UCWLC Organizations that helped to make this years Festival all that it was.  We are also thrilled with the many entries in our Folk Arts Competitions.  The quality was high and judging close.  The finished result was a wonderful collection of all things relating to Ukrainian Culture and Heritage.  There were visitors from many close by small and large communities; Ontario and west Provinces and also as far away as Australia, Mexico, Ukraine, Texas, California, Illinois, and Washington.  We; the organizers, applaude your dedication to enhancing the promotion of Ukrainian Arts. 

 It was exciting to be able to work with all of you and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year; Henriette Chomiak, Anthony Hrabok & Richelle Budd.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Raffle Prizes: 

1st Prize: Handmade Afghan (Value $500):

     Ticket #0008 - Jasmine Elinski; St. Albert, Ab.

2nd Prize: Pysanka (Value $200):

     Ticket #0342 - Kathy Miskew; Viking, Ab.

3rd Prize: Motanka Doll (Value $150):

     Ticket #0412 - Tra Green; Lloydminster, Ab.

4th Prize: “Privit” Print (Value $150):

     Ticket #0479 - Tania Mauro; Edmonton, Ab.

5th Prize: Cross Stitch Runner (Value $50):

     Ticket #0128 - Lesia Kutron; Vegreville, Ab.

6th Prize: Wooden Wall Decor (Value $50):

     Ticket #0399 - Jeannette Homeniuk; Ardrossan, Ab.

7th Prize: Wooden Lazy Susan (Value $45):

     Ticket #0315 - Ernie Stetsko; Ardrossan, Ab.

There were also the Free Door Prizes: 

Ceramic Statue:  Georgina Stark; Vegreville, Ab.

Crochet 3D Scarf:  Dianna Bibkevich; Vegreville, Ab.

Poppies & Daisies Pattern:  Charlotte Noronha; Brooks, Ab.

CD & Stationary: Stew Shore; Sherwood Park, Ab.

We honour and celebrate the courageous immigrations of the Ukrainian people to Canada.  


Stop into the Folk Arts venue to view displays and demonstrations of beautiful and interesting instruments, embroidery, pysanky, linens, clothing and much more--many of which are over 100 years old.  

Our Folk Arts venue: 

  • teaches people new to our heritage about the Ukrainian ways of cultural expression

  • stirs fond memories of your past

  • teaches present individuals unsure of their past Ukrainian history


These things were shown through their work and dress clothes, the ways they adorned and showed individual talents and the ingenuity through design using materials available locally through their mostly agricultural based pioneer life.  

The tools, methods of production and manufacture from the past are the showcase in respect of the many harsh conditions which forged the hearts and spirits associated with Ukrainian heritage and background.  This now flourishes here in Canada; while others have tried for centuries to divide and suppress this culture.  We present a range of topics in any given year and you can expect to see a wide range of presentations through as many years, going into the future.

Folk Art attractions for 2024 include:


  • Embroidery

  • Food Displays: Christmas, Easter, Wedding

  • Wedding Display

  • History: Development of Ukraine

  • Pioneer Displays

  • Ukrainian Record Albums Display & Music

  • and more....

2024 COMPETITIONS (adult and children)

  • Cross Stitch 

  • Pysanky 

  • Penmanship

  • Baking

  • and much more....     

Details and entry forms here!

Entry Form only

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 28, 2024


  • Pysanky Writing 

  • Ukrainian Bread Doves

  • Wheat Weaving

  • Embroidery 

  • Craft Corner

  • and more 

Do you have an interest in promoting Ukrainian Arts & Cuture?  

We are always looking for more displays and demonstrations to add to our Folk Arts venue.

Please contact us with your ideas!

Currently seeking volunteers for the

Folk Arts venue

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