Open Hours

(subject to change)

FRIDAY, July 1:  10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

SATURDAY, July 2: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

SUNDAY, July 3: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Vendor Registration

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Confirmed Vendors

Check back often as we confirm more vendors.

  • Ceramic Cottage

  • Charmaine's Little Perogies

  • Dibs on Diamonds 

  • Ethno Market

  • Faerie Dust Glitter Tattoo's

  • Fifth Avenue Jewellry

  • Follow Your Dreams 

  • Freba Pottery

  • K-D's Creations

  • Kampot Spice Company

  • Karaffka

  • Kelowna Kozak

  • MadeBy K&A

  • Scentsy

  • Silver Bends 

  • Sweet Infusion Honey

  • Ukie Shirts

  • Ukrainian Colors

  • Ukrainian Shumka Dancers

  • Ukreations

  • Oresta Vasylevska

  • Wounded Volunteers Fund

Yarmarok Marketplace

"Yarmarok" is a marketplace, many times outdoors, where people set up their fine wares of exquisite wood carvings, beautiful embroidery, pottery, clothing and food products. 

Today our Yarmarok continues with the same themes where one will find an interesting array of Ukrainian folk arts, crafts and products for sale.  As well one might find articles from other nationalities.  The artists will provide you with a chance to view or buy unique and beautiful hand crafted articles.  As well you will see displays of colourful Ukrainian blouses and shirts, delicate pysanky, wheat weaving creations, woodcarvings, paintings, pottery and lively dolls in traditional Ukrainian costumes.

yarmarok IMG_2597.jpg