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Stawnichy's Mundare Sausage

Evening Dances

(subject to change)

The scene: a crowded dance floor, the music of the best Ukrainian bands in Canada, line-ups for drinks, old friendships being re-established and new ones being formed.

Imagine if you would, the best dancers from the best dance groups in Canada gathered in one setting.

As the night progresses, the dance floor is cleared and they take centre stage and try to outdo each out with their finest, most intricate, most explosive dance steps.

This is KOLOMEYKA at its best!!

Zabava Hours

FRI, July 5:  9:00 PM - 3:00 AM

SAT, July 6:  9:00 PM - 3:00 AM


$15 at the door Age 13-17

$20 at the door Age 18 & Over

CASH at the door.

No Advance Tickets available.


Vegreville Multiplex Centre/Curling Rink

4729-45 Avenue

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2024 Zabava Party Bands

FRI July 5th 

SAT July 6

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