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The Broken Banjos
Touring Concert to Vegreville Senior Citizens Care Homes
Thursday, July 4

Since 2020, the Vegreville Pysanka Festival has been bringing live Ukrainian music to our senior citizen care facilities.  We bring a flatbed trailer with a Ukrainian band to appreciative audiences at each of the care facilities.  

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The Broken Banjos are a group of former Ukrainian dancers who have been friends for decades. They joined together in 2019 to celebrate their love of music and to play traditional Ukrainian folk songs on Ukrainian folk instruments. These include the tsymbaly , bayan, mandolin, bandura, sopilka and bubon. Their style of playing is reminiscent of the village folk bands that would play for weddings and special events.

Thursday JULY 4

1:30 PM: Heritage House
2:00 PM: Homestead Lodge
2:30 PM: Long Term Care/Century Park
3:00 PM: Main Street Drive Thru
3:15 PM: St. Michael's
3:45 PM: Under the Pysanka (Elks-Kinsmen Park)

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