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Cheremosh is a leader in Ukrainian Dance in Canada and we have had phenomenal success as a semi-professional Ukrainian dance company the world over. Our dancing is rich in intensity, energy, and spirit, and we have a reputation for bringing amazing choreography to the stage.
We take audiences on a colorful and exhilarating journey, thrilling them with intricate choreography, spectacular costumes and dynamic music. Men leap to amazing heights with their breathtaking acrobatics while women spin across the stage with incredible beauty and grace. Our 50-member dance company is without a doubt a sight to behold.
Under the artistic direction of ballet master, Mykola Kanevets our dancers train in demi classical ballet, character and Ukrainian dance technique. This allows us to bring the polish of classical ballet while keeping the boisterousness and vivacity of folk dance that audiences crave.
Cheremosh is extremely versatile and we tailor our show packages to your stage, audience, theatre season, and budget. We do shows from 15 minutes to entire two-hour programs. Part of our mandate as a dance company is to give back to the communities we dance in and we have both school show and dance workshop packages available.
Current company dancers will say that some of their favourite moments while on tour happen during our community outreach workshops. Teaching sections of company choreography to aspiring (or totally new) dancers and then having them approach us after the show with a sparkle in their eye saying ‘I know how do that combination you did in the second dance!’ is a feeling second to none. Witnessing how making the arts accessible can change a child’s life is exactly what Cheremosh is trying to accomplish. When Cheremosh comes to your community, we leave an impact like no other, and your patrons will always want more. 

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