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Hannah Picklyk and Kaitlin Vitt
MC for Grandstand Shows 

Hannah Picklyk and Kaitlin Vitt are the hosts of Vsi, the Ukrainian dance and culture podcast. Pronounced “vsee,” vsi means “all, all of, everyone, everybody” in Ukrainian (всі is how it looks in Cyrillic). And that’s exactly what they talk about on their show. Hannah and Kaitlin became NDN (a.k.a. НДН a.k.a naykrashchi druzi nazavzhdy a.k.a. BFFs) while living in Ukraine from 2017 to 2018, studying dance, culture, and language and sustaining a steady diet of fried cabbage. That year serves as inspiration for Vsi, a project that motivates them to be lifelong learners. Today, Hannah and Kaitlin live in Winnipeg, a short walk away from each other with a coffee shop meet-up spot in between — just like their apartments in Ukraine. And they’re excited about the chance to feed their curiosity about all things Ukrainian culture, and to share what they learn, through Vsi.

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