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Showcase - Friday
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The Sparkling Tones band was started by Marshall Pankiw (fiddle) and Eddie Pankiw (guitar) in 1957. They played at weddings, shower and stag parties, graduations, anniversaries, New Year’s parties, and countless local community hall dances--in the areas of Plain Lake, Bruno, Innisfree, Ranfurly, Laznew, Beauvallon, Morecambe, Musidora, Two Hills, Lavoy, Vegreville, Mannville, Pathfinder, New Kiew, Myrnam, Moscow and Borshiw, including Lankow’s Barn Dances for the midnight frolic. 
Over the years, many musicians joined Marshall and Eddie, playing with the Sparkling Tones, including Ernie Zaozirny (Accordion), Terry & Gordon Osinchuk (Saxaphone & Drums), Jim Yacey (Accordion), Terry Napora ( Lead Guitar), Elsie Gushnowski (Accordion), Bill Gushnowski (Drums) and John Boychuk (Drums).
The Band stopped playing as a group in the late 60’s, but was re-established in July 2004, with Marshall's son, Dwayne on accordion.  They played throughout Alberta over the years, with band members Marshall Pankiw (fiddle), Dwayne Pankiw (accordion), Peter Gardner (guitar) and Mike Rokovetsky (drums), and later Mike Sydora (lead guitar). 
Currently Marshall and the group are playing their 19th year together as a 3 piece band. On occasion the band features Dwayne’s wife Irene on tsymbaly, their sons Steven (fiddle), Eric (guitar).

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