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The Cimarrons Orchestra was formed in 1965. James Yacey was one of the founding members and is now the last original member still playing music.


The Cimarrons played at Weddings, Anniversaries, Dances, Graduation Dances, Malankas and many other functions across Alberta and Saskatchewan. The orchestra performed at the Red Barn, once a month, from the time the Red Barn opened until it was sold in the mid 1980's.  Jim's son, Bill, first started into music learning to play the accordion. With some encouragement, Bill learned to play the violin and the bass guitar. Bill joined the Cimarrons in 1985, playing violin, bass guitar and button accordion.

Our present band consists of: James Yacey - accordion; Bill Yacey - violin, bass guitar, button accordion; Rick Michielin - sax, clarinet, bass guitar; Terry Kotyk - vocals, rhythm guitar, bassguitar Tom Lowry - vocals, percussion.

The Cimarrons continue to specialize in a variety of traditional Ukrainian music. The orchestra has a wide and varied repertoire of musical genre such as; Latino, Ballroom, Country, Old Time and Rock. The Cimarrons have produced numerous recordings over the years, and are currently working on a new release.

The Cimarrons extend thanks to all of their fans and supporters from the past and present and look forward to seeing you at their next dance.


For bookings: James Yacey 780 459-3778 Terry Kotyk 780 473-1368


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