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The Dunai dance group was formed in 1974, when 14 young and energetic people signed up to dance to the choreography of Mr. Roman Manastersky. The group was named after the Danube River, in the heart of Eastern Europe.


The Dunai dancers are comprised of 30 female and male dancers ranging in ages from 18 to 28 years, under the direction of their new artistic director Caitlin Loree and assistant director Loren Winnick.


The company's unique choreography has been warmly accepted at performances, banquets, receptions, conventions, multicultural showcases, festivals, and full-length shows. Their repertoire consists of various traditional and staged folk dances from different regions of Ukraine.


The Dunai dancers are currently preparing to embark on a tour to Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina this July for their 50th anniversary, where they will showcase their passion for Ukrainian dance and share it with audiences in the Balkans.


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